Refer the below videos to learn more about what Photon Genius and Photon Genie can benefit you: 

Making your Immune System back to be strong, Detoxify the whole system,

Heal the Body and Improve the Quality of Life!

*Some of the videos show previous version of Photon Genius. Our new Photon Genius is quiet

Photon Genius (Cancer, Cellulite, Detox head to toe, Immune System, Clear thinking, Eye Sight)

 Photon Genius (Cancer, Peritoneal adenocarcinoma) 

Photon Genius - Certified Olympic Chiropractor Dr. Allen (Skin issues, Fungus in finger nail beds, Varicose veins, Mobility, Joints, Detoxification)

 Photon Genius (Multiple myeloma; Arthritis;, Stroke victims; Reduce pain) 

 Photon Genius (Immune System, Shingles, Cancer) 

Photon Genius (Cardiovascular diseases)

Photon Genius (Skin Cancer, Lymphoma; Take out Lactic Acid after workouts not muscle to sore)

 Photon Genius (Shortness of breath, Diabetes, Swelling Feet) 

 Photon Genius (Tumor shrunk; Reduce pain; Heart issue; Fungus on fingers, Varicose vein, Complexion, Detox) 

 Photon Genius (Out of Hospice, back to life; Clear up Lungs, Emphysema; Circulatory system) 

 Photon Genie (Story about the dad who was told by doctor to live 3 weeks) 

 Photon Genie and Photon Genius (Empower Immune System) 

 Photon Genius (Child to Elderly with Cancer; Arthritis) 

 Photon Genius & Diabetes (Foot infection due to Diabetes) 

 Photon Genie - Lymphatic Specialist (Immune System) 

 Photon Genius (Less Pain Medication; Night Sweats; Diabetes; Inflammation; Cholesterol level) 

Dr. David Cohen, ND, PhD, MH, CNC, a master of bioenergetic medicine in our generation, expounds on the Photon Genius as one of his top 5 devices.

Putatively 'late-stage' patients who'd gotten little or no relief or who had gotten observably worse from conventional medical approaches routinely experienced satisfying improvements at high speed.