Athletes Report : “I am never sore!”

Athletes report “I am never sore any more from rigorous workouts using the Photon Genius SUPER SAUNA.”

Improved, Happy, Impressed, Now Walking
“He is doing Photon Genius SUPER SAUNA sessions. He had a brain tumor and three surgeries. He was unable to walk prior to starting the SUPER SAUNA sessions. Now he is doing incredibly better, he is walking and has great balance. They are so happy and impressed with these noticeable results.” Z.W.

Gratitude; At Least 10 Lives Extended With Great Quality of Life
“I can say that at least 10 of my clients have significantly cleared their cancers and noticeably extended their lives from SUPER SAUNA sessions in the Photon Genius. Many people have experienced noticeable pain relief and renewed energy.”


“Several have improved heart function and reduced blood pressure. Scars have become less visible, varicose veins have shrunk; also arthritis and gout relief, allergy relief and powerful detoxification. Many have had mood and emotional improvements as well as more relaxation and improvement in sleep.”

“I am so grateful for the Photon Genius - my whole family has been helped by its powerful SUPER SAUNA effects!” J.G.

Now Sleeping Great! (Through the night, wow, thought it would never happen again)
“A woman went for her first Photon Genius SUPER SAUNA session. She shared what a positive experience she had. She did a one hour session and that night she had a full 8 hours uninterrupted sleep! She was very happy about this because she has had a lot of trouble sleeping for a long time. She is very excited and encouraged.” K.W.


Conditions Improved & Quickly (Dr. impressed)

“A Photon Genius owner shared that one of her clients with cancer has made great improvements since starting Photon Genius SUPER SAUNA sessions. The doctor commented he's never seen anyone in this man's condition improve like this, and so quickly.” K.G.

Excellent and Powerful
“We are using the Photon Genius for my wife's breast cancer and so far she has had 20 one hour sessions and we feel that the results are excellent! Thank you so much...we are total believers in the Photon Genius and we want to spread the word about its SUPER SAUNA power to heal!” M.N.


Headaches Gone, Lost Weight, Skin Feels Good
"I used to get these lingering headaches all the time and on the day of my first SUPER SAUNA treatment about 1/2 way through the headache went away and hasn't been back. I lost 21 pounds in my first 11 treatments along with the bags under my eyes. My skin feels good and my friends say I'm looking good. All the dreary days of winter used to really get me down but since I've been taking the treatments this winter, that hasn't happened. The Photon Genus makes me feel good; all over, I seem to have more energy and that's good for my attitude. I had a stress ball in my neck and it went away. I love the Photon Genius!" D.J.


Young Boy Lives!
“Our son is doing well now. This month we celebrate the three years after the oncologist sent him to die at home! He has his SUPER SAUNA sessions with the Photon Genius daily.” M.M.


After only 4 Super Sauna sessions:
"I continue to notice increased energy throughout my week. My activity level has increased, moods improved, less time feeling like passing out!" "Generally I feel more vitality flowing within!"

Breast Cancer Patient shares:
"As a breast cancer patient, the super sauna photon genius has been a huge relief with the detox process, and it continues to keep me feeling good! It helps me with my energy level and I have also seen tremendous improvement in a long time sciatic pain problem!" 

Swollen Foot; Now she can put a shoe on for the first time in a month.
A lady came in with a foot problem, swollen, red, inflammation, hadn't been able to wear a shoe on that foot for a month. She did one Genius session with her foot on a stool in front of the heat and lights.
The next day she reported amazing improvement, the swelling, redness and inflammation was greatly improved and she was able to put a shoe on for the first time in a month.


Quality of Life: Eating now for the first time in months!
"He's doing sooooo much better!! The Genius got him off to a great, healing start. He's eating now for the first time in months!!"


Nerve Damage Repaired; No more numbness!
“I've had this Super Sauna 4 months and have had some amazing healings. One of them being nerve damage that left me numb in an area after surgery 11 years ago which I can now feel! No more numbness!”

Photon Genie (Skilling portable instrument) users report:
“Our newly upgraded portable Photon Genie is a MIRACLE and we all absolutely love it, use it every day, and we could not live without it!


My partner is having some upcoming knee surgery and the Genie is already helping her to walk right now, which should be impossible given her situation (she has some damage and a tumor on her meniscus). She said the Drs. don't believe that she can even be walking right now! I am sharing the Photon Genie with friends and family and hope that they will get their own.”

Daughter bed ridden with Lyme Disease for several years; Now, out of bed after using the Photon Genie.
"My daughter is out of bed, and she was able to drive herself to ND Doctor Office for more sessions with the Photon Genie!"


Prostate Cancer; Photon Genie saves her son’s life:
Her son had prostate cancer and tumor, a very bad situation, lost a lot of blood every day. They did not think he was going to live. Her son used the Photon Genie day and night, kept the Wands and Transmitters on as much as possible and while sleeping every night. One day the tumor just came out and they later reported he was cancer free after that. He is doing great today!"


Photon Genius is a Miracle Machine!
That’s how it got its nickname: “Miracle Machine.” It has since attracted other nicknames like “Time Machine” and “Plastic surgery without a knife” due to its noticeable age slowing and age reversing properties.


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