Story behind the Photon Genie and Photon Genius 

Ed Skilling was commissioned by California Cancer Doctors in 1959 to examine and determine why their “original” Rife instrument did not get any noticeable results with their cancer patients.

They had purchased this rare “original” Rife instrument in 1958 and tried it on some of their patients without noticing any changes, improvements, or results. They had paid $30,000 (the equivalent of several hundred thousand dollars today) for this one of only 3 original Rife Instruments in existence at the time.

Ed Skilling took the challenge due to his keen interest in cancer as all his siblings had died of cancer in their 30’s and 40’s. No one with his electronics engineering experience and electronics design skills (he pioneered missiles) had ever examined the Rife technology.

The first instrument he made in 1959 got better results than any instrument in history and the Skilling Institute has been responsible for ALL “result oriented” innovations since that time.

Ed Skilling determined that it was not frequencies that did anything directly inside the body and it certainly did not do what has been theorized it would do, like kill pathogens inside the body, or explode and destroy cancer cells inside the body.

Ed Skilling proved that the human body was “created” with “impedance” (electronic term for resistance), meaning everything stops at the skin, the surface of the body. God created us this way to protect us from things flying around the universe and around the planet (ultraviolet, microwave, EMFs, negative energies, etc.).

This is a blessing to protect us, and curse to treat us with anything from outside the body as everything from the outside the body is resisted at the surface of the body (skin deep).

Invention of Energy transmission that communicate with impedance

It took Ed Skilling, after being the Senior Electronics Design Engineer for General Dynamics for 17 years and being the worldwide master in electro-medicine, 20 years to invent a new method of energy transmission to actually communicate in harmony with the impedance of the human body to influence and improve energies inside the body directly (Skilling), instead of indirectly (Rife).

The Photon Genie is the first instrument he released in 2001 that communicated in harmony with the impedance of the body. AND, it is the first instrument he developed to which the human body cannot “acclimate” (get used to, or learn to tolerate).

Frequency devices historically are documented to seem beneficial to a few for a while and then not. Skilling instruments have a long-term, positive, compounding affect on the body and continue improvement(s) over time and it is “noticeable.”

No other frequency type instrument even addresses either of these realities and everyone that has experienced them (Rife) testifies that they may seem to help for a while and then their conditions do continue to get worse.

Ability to communicate directly, internally at cellular level

Another important difference between Skilling Technologies (Photon Genie and Photon Genius) and all other frequency devices is the ability to communicate directly, internally, at the “cause” level (cellular level).

The newly upgraded Photon Genie also transmits and creates a “dominant signal” of positive bio-available energies that produce an unfriendly environment for all pathogens and toxins that thrive in a weakened, negative energy environment.


The Photon Genie energy transmitters transmit positive, harmonic, balanced, resonant energies that are sometimes referred to as "subtle life force energy" to all cells, tissues, organs, and systems of the body.

This is the same bio-available, life-force energy we were created with that dominates and controls all positive forces and functions of the human body while managing all communications at all levels of the human body, including the brain and nervous system.

Reflowing all the nerve paths of the body: Regeneration 

The Photon Genie also assists with reflowing all the nerve paths of the body that improves natural regeneration of tissue, bone, and healing of cells, tissues, organs, and systems of the body.

Practitioners that specialize in treating patients with nerve damage have reported getting up to 30% of paralytics and quadriplegics out of their wheelchairs with continued (up to 24/7) use of the Photon Genie. ALL notice improvement of quality of life issues.

Safe Ozone Production and Administration

No germ, fungus, mold or bacteria can live in the presence of ozone. The Photon Genie’s proprietary noble gas energy wands when placed on the body cause the production of ozone where placed on the skin and direct to the local tissue(s) and blood near the area where they are placed on the surface of body (contact with bare skin).

This is the only way to get ozone to a specific area (tissue) of the body as ozone is such an unstable substance (it dissipates quickly once produced), it cannot reach tissues inside the body through the lungs or stomach (techniques of the past).

This is the most beneficial method of controlling the location and application of ozone without irritating the lungs or stomach from frequent ineffective efforts through those avenues. The Photon Genie is the most effective, targeted, “result-oriented” method to accomplish this positive result.

Complete Balance of Body Energies

The Photon Genie and Photon Genius are the ONLY instruments in the world that up-regulate and balance all bio-energies of the human body through all chakras and meridians to ALL critical organs and systems of the body.

This has been demonstrated and proven by Acupuncture and electronic testing. This means that regardless of the powerlessness and/or causes of weakness to critical organs, while in the Photon Genius, or while you have even only one of the transmitters of the Photon Genie on you, you receive the maximum level of 10 energy to all 21 critical organs!

The Photon Genie and Photon Genius are the first instruments in history to accomplish these amazing results, providing the power to be the best you can be. These instruments simply work…..and it is noticeable.”